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shiver | (listen) (download)
those indescribable sounds - a mix of songs that send shivers up your spine;  

i. youth - daughter | ii. comes and goes - greg laswell | iii. bible belt - dry the river | iv. blood bank - bon iver | v. boats and birds - gregory and the hawk | vi. the enemy - mumford & sons | vii. plains - wye oak | viii. to build a home - the cinematic orchestra | ix. young blood (renholder remix) - the naked and famous | x. ride - cary brothers | xi. demons - dry the river | xii. parachutes - coldplay | xiii. fish - wye oak | xiv. winter bones - stars | xv. dust on the ground - bombay bicycle club | xvi. andvari - sigur rós | xvii. flaws (recorded at abbey road) - bastille | xviii. misguided ghosts - paramore | xix. letters from the sky - civil twilight | xx. bloodstream - stateless | xxi. running up that hill - placebo | xxii. inscape - stateless | xxiii. flickers - son lux

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name: sydney
nickname: ri
favourite flower: rose
favourite fruit: strawberries
favourite ice-cream flavour: caramel toffee
favourite pastime: reading/eating
day or night: night
chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
how do you take your coffee/tea: no milk, one sugar
zodiac sign: -
your catchphrase: heaven help me.


I had my eyes opened. I came to realize that I had more to offer this world than just making things that blow up. And that is why, effective immediately, I am shutting down the weapons manufacturing division of Stark Industries.

If I watch myself, then I suddenly have a bunch of things that I’m scared to do. It just upsets me. I’ve stopped reading reviews, as well. If one is negative, you hold on to that. It was killing me. It was holding me back from being creative and being free…The first thing that was written was “What’s up with this kid’s eyebrows? He looks like a friggin’ Neanderthal.”